High-Quality Transformation and Upgrading of Nationwide Wellness Tourism in the Market Segments Accelerated by COVID-19

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Shuihan Qiu


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which broke out at the end of 2019, is still raging all over the world. China, as one of the countries with the largest population base in the world, is also the largest developing country in the world, and its tourism industry, which accounts for a large proportion of its service industry, has also been hit by the COVID-19 outbreak as never before. As the saying goes, crisis is often a time when both crisis and opportunity coexist. Therefore, in this paper, it attempts to clarify whether the crisis of the COVID-19 outbreak to China's tourism industry and its surrounding industries is greater than the opportunity or the opportunity is greater than the crisis through research. Then, based on the cooperation of the whole industry with the national epidemic prevention and control after the outbreak of the epidemic, it discusses the production self-help of tourism and its surrounding industries, and explores the new track and entry point of transformation and upgrading under the new situation, as well as the methods of realizing high-quality business development and upgrading and brand-new interpersonal distribution effect through new means under the new situation such as new technology empowerment.In this paper, the relevant research results are consulted through investigation, especially the related literature of China's tourism and its surrounding industries. Combined with real-life investigation, the representative enterprises in the industry are visited, and many classic cases emerged in the industry during the outbreak are reviewed. In the process of field visits to related enterprises in the industry, informal interviews with relevant enterprise leaders are conducted to promote this investigation and research.In this paper, firstly, the bottlenecks, opportunities and challenges faced by the tourism industry since the outbreak are analyzed, next the ways in which the tourism industry and its surrounding industries can achieve high-quality development and upgrade through industrial fusion as well as technological endowment are clarified combined with the innovative business models and product iterations of enterprises in the industry during this period, then the status of health concept in the minds of consumers is highlighted with the impact of the outbreak, and finally the proportion of wellness tourism products is increased to meet the mental needs of consumers through the high-quality development of tourism. In this study, the significance and value of wellness and leisure tourism products in the future development of the tourism industry are elaborated in detail in combination with the needs of wellness and leisure tourism returning to the customers' minds after the COVID-19 outbreak, which provides theoretical basis and case support for further joint business development of comprehensive health sectors such as physical examination and recuperation in the future in China's tourism industry, and for the transformation and upgrade of high-quality development in healthy and leisure market segments.

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