Research on Social Networks Based on Blockchain

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Yingyu Huo, Yong Zhong


The centralized structure of current social networks makes users lose controls of their private contents so that their personal privacy and digital rights can not be protected. BlockSN, a social network based on blockchain which uses the decentralization and immutability of blockchain to realize security and self-control of private data, is presented in this paper. BlockSN can share and propagate digital contents by internal incentive mechanism of blockchain, and realize united programming language by the powerful and expressive logic language Active-U-Datalog. The research can help the protection of user privacy and intellectual property, and help the propagation and share of digital content in social networks, which can develop commercial applications in social networks that bring excellent application values. The model structure, formal definition and operation mechanism of the network is discussed, and implementation and application of BlockSN are analysed. At last, an application example shows the feasibility of such social network based on blockchain.

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