Research on Tang Poetry Collection from the Perspective of Big Data

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Wang Fangfang


Since entering the 21st century, computer technology has been popularized and developed rapidly. Using big data to study humanities has gradually become a research trend. More and more scholars begin to pay attention to and play the role of big data in the study of classical literature. With the rise and application of academic map based on big data, new research paradigm will promote and expand the research field of Tang poetry collection. As a result, the Electronic Full-text archives of Quan Tang Shi have been circulated in the world for a long time. So that scholars can apply the relevant archives, gradually introduce the method of Digital Humanities, and carry out various data statistics and analysis from various angles. Based on the big data technology, this paper gradually counts all kinds of data of Tang poetry, in order to find out the issues worthy of exploration. At the same time, through the interpretation of a series of data, it echoes the research results of traditional Tang poetry. Experimental research shows that with the help of relevant big data, it can expand a new vision of Tang poetry research

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