Construction of Reverse Logistics Evaluation System in Cosmetics Industry

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Jianan Wang


With the rapid development of the economy and e-commerce, and the improvement of per capita consumption levels, more and more consumers are looking for personalized products, and consumers are increasingly demanding cosmetics. In addition, cosmetics consumption in emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region, led by China, is proliferating. In 2013, China's cosmetics market surpassed Japan, becoming the second-largest cosmetics consumer in the world, accounting for 14% in 2019. In addition, the packaging cost of cosmetics accounts for a large part of its operating cost, and according to Estee Lauder's successful case, its reverse logistics system saves the company significant cost and improves its logistics efficiency. Therefore, by analyzing 211 sets of data of 21 domestic cosmetics enterprises in 10 years, this paper establishes an evaluation system of domestic cosmetics reverses logistics to effectively evaluate the logistics efficiency of China's cosmetics industry.

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