Designing an Online Re-examination System for Graduate Entrance Examination

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Lu Xia, Guohua Peng, Kun Yang


The conventional on-site re-examination for graduate entrance examination has caused a large number of personnel flow and aggregation, for which the graduate entrance examination could not be implemented safely during the major disease outbreaks, making online re-examination the primary means of graduate entrance examination during the prevention and control epidemic. However, the application of the existing commercial platform for online re-examination has great security risks and instability. This paper arranged the workflow and process settings of each step in the conventional re-examination, analyzed the defects of the traditional software architecture, and first attempted to apply microservices architecture to online re-examination for graduate entrance examination. It took micro service as the core and splited various business functions. And an Online Re-examination System for graduate entrance examination was designed based on microservice architecture by using MySQL database and blockchain technology. Then tracking the system use, an evaluation system for the online re-examination graduate entrance examination is designed through scoring method. The research results show that the design of the online re-examination system for graduate entrance examination is reasonable. It realizes the requirements of the online re-examination for graduate entrance examination, reduces the coupling degree between the services, and solves the problem of data trace in the re-examination. Online Re-examination system can effectively ensure the orderly development of graduate recruitment during the epidemic period, improve the efficiency and fairness of graduate entrance examination, and significantly promote the network process standardization and informatization of graduate re-examination work.

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