The Adaptability of "Craftsman Spirit": An Ecological Perspective

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Xiumei Ma


This paper studies and analyzes the adaptability of "craftsman spirit" from the perspective of ecology. It is considered that the adaptability of "craftsman spirit" is produced by the combination of craftsman's ecological environment and production mode, which has eight characteristics, such as labor participation in the whole process. It is pointed out that the production modes such as "assembly line" and "big machine" pursue "maximization of economic interests", destroy the original ecological environment of "craftsman spirit" and produce "unsuitable" drastic changes. Innovative suggestions: first, there are still some fields, industries or work that preserve the appropriate ecological environment and growth soil of "craftsman spirit"; Second, with the transformation of society to the post consumer era, the manufacturing industry has responded from "personalized customization" to "flexible production", and the ecological environment has been gradually repaired; The "craftsman spirit" remaining at the high end of the manufacturing industry is still possible to develop well.

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