Research on the Impact of Smart City Construction on Tourist Loyalty

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Xiaomeng Li


With the acceleration of my country's urbanization process and the transformation and development of the tourism industry, cities have almost become the first place of perception for the beginning of tourism activities and the symbol of the completion of tourism activities. With the rapid development of informatization in recent years, smart factors have rapidly affected the development of tourist cities and the value of tourist experience due to their convenience and speed. This research starts from the perspectives of tourism geography and management, constructs a research model based on theories such as "means-end chain" and tourism system. Through combing domestic and foreign literature, using methods such as network text analysis, interviews, and mathematical statistical analysis, Take Hefei as a case study, summarize the composition of smart factors in tourist cities, and explore the relationship between smart factors and tourist loyalty. Through the combination of theory and reality, an evaluation index system is constructed, and an empirical analysis of Hefei is carried out. Finally, specific countermeasures are proposed for the future development of Hefei. In terms of smart sharing, increase preferential promotion and after-sales service of online transactions; in terms of smart tourism, strengthen the construction of basic network communication services, focusing on the construction of smart commentary and virtual tourism projects; in terms of smart transportation, strengthen smart formation planning and smart public for self-guided tourists Transportation construction, and promote the joint construction of smart transportation in various regions; in terms of smart information, strengthen the construction of smart recommendation and smart information platform based on information technology; in terms of smart management, strengthen smart environmental monitoring and protection, use big data, and do a good job in passenger flow monitoring , To promote smart security management; in terms of smart tickets, do a good job in the follow-up construction and maintenance of the existing smart ticket system, and move forward steadily.

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