Key Technologies of IoT Service Security and Privacy Protection

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Dongxian Yu, Jiatao Kang, Junlei Dong


The Internet of Things in the industrial industry has attracted widespread attention from the government, academia, and industry due to its huge application prospects. The core ideas of the Internet of things are perception, control, transmission and intelligence. Through technical means to achieve the coordination between things, people and things, and people, so as to form a larger complex network system on the basis of sensor network, Internet and mobile communication network. The data Shared by Internet of things information is closely related to personal life behaviors, and the information has a greater perceived correlation with each other. This kind of sensibility and sensitivity put forward higher requirements for the security and privacy protection of Internet of things information sharing. However, due to the characteristics of network structure, terminal equipment, communication mode and application scenario, some security and privacy issues unique to the Internet of things cannot be solved directly through existing Internet security technologies. It is necessary to conduct in-depth research on the key technologies of Internet of things security and privacy protection. This article briefly describes the Internet of things security and privacy issues, then, it gives the research and application status of Internet of things security and privacy protection at home and abroad, then lists the key technical problems in Internet of things security and privacy protection. And for communication between large scale collaborative services. Based on publish/subscribe paradigm, this paper constructs collaborative communication facilities of Internet of things services suitable for large-scale distribution, and an access control architecture for managing service synergy interactions, achieve confidentiality of data exchange between services and privacy protection of service policies.

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Jiatao Kang, Junlei Dong, D. Y. (2021). Key Technologies of IoT Service Security and Privacy Protection. CONVERTER, 70 - 79.