Risk Analysis of Transmission Line Patrol Based on DEMATEL Method

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Meiyu Li, et al.


As the scale of power network construction increases, transmission lines that undertake transmission tasks are facing greater challenges in patrol and maintenance work. Therefore, analyzing the factors that affect transmission line patrol and maintenance has become an urgent problem in the power industry. This paper analyzes the influencing factors from the four dimensions of natural risk, transmission operation risk, transmission line risk, and other man-made risks, and uses the DEMATEL analysis method to identify the relationship between different factors, and obtains the key influencing factors, and then proposes Corresponding strategies to deal with the risk of transmission line patrol, hope to have a certain reference effect on the patrol work, so as to ensure the stability of transmission lines.

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et al., M. L. (2021). Risk Analysis of Transmission Line Patrol Based on DEMATEL Method. CONVERTER, 239 - 247. https://doi.org/10.17762/converter.174