Research on Mechanism Materials of Innovation Performance of Makerspaces

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Jiancun Zheng, Lu Shi, Tianhong Jiang


The researches of existing makerspaces mainly focus on external factors (policies, resources, etc.) or internal subjects (operating subjects, makers, etc.), but pay little attention to the sustainability and self-running ability of makerspaces themself. In view of this, through theoretical research, this paper combs four operational mechanisms of makerspaces, including platform service, resource aggregation, network connection and endogenous cultural guarantee, and thesemechanisms are regarded as the key materials for the innovation output of makerspaces.By empirical analysis to verify the impact of each operational mechanism on the innovation performance, we explore feasible designs of mechanism that is conducive to the sustainable innovation of makerspaces. The result shows that autonomy of service selection, formal network connection and fault-tolerant culture have significant positive effects on the innovation performance of makerspaces, but it will change with the development stage of makerspaces.

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Lu Shi, Tianhong Jiang, J. Z. (2021). Research on Mechanism Materials of Innovation Performance of Makerspaces. CONVERTER, 261 - 270.