Targeted Poverty Alleviation System Based on Industrialized Blockchain

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Haoling Meng, et al.


Toward the existing problems in targeted poverty alleviation system, such as unclear poverty alleviation records, inaccurate poverty alleviation targets, easy tampering of poverty alleviation data and single data storage structure, a targeted poverty alleviation system based on blockchain + IPFS + distributed database is designed.For different links in the industrial field, different consensus schemes are used to balance reliability and performance. Using the characteristics of blockchain technology to ensure that data are traceable and tampering-proof, and then combining this technology with the interstellar file system (IPFS) as data storage to solve the problem of high cost of large files; what’s more, the distributed database can play a role in achieving data partition management to solve the problem of single data storage structure. The data nodes are independent of each other, thus, they can realize the efficient control of resources and improve the concurrency and scalability of the system. Through the performance test and comparative analysis of the system, it is proved that the system has a great improvement in throughput, data read-write delay and other indicators.

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et al., H. M. (2021). Targeted Poverty Alleviation System Based on Industrialized Blockchain. CONVERTER, 271 - 280.