Legalization of Central Bank Digital Currency under Blockchain Industry

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Yuting Hsu, Chengyong Liu


In recent years, private digital currency based on blockchainindustry has caused many doubts, such as privacy infringement, money laundering tools, consumer protection and financial stability. However, as digital currency has gradually become the important issue, the central banks of various countries have already started to study the central bank digital currency (CBDC). In this paper, firstly, the concept of private digital currency and its derivative issues are explained. Secondly, based on the two chains scheme of the blockchain, a CBDC system is established to facilitate supervision, which stores and accesses transaction information and verification information separately to balance the user privacy security and the convenience of supervision. Meanwhile, the consortium blockchain is settled to the public chain to protect the reliability of the data. Moreover, although some countries have started to develop CBDC, laws and regulations which regulate various aspects of it are still deficient. Therefore, in this paper, in addition to proposing a general outline of the legal system regulating the CBDC, it also illustrates separately the monetary rights and obligations of the central bank, merchant banks and the public, which will be helpful for the future legal construction.

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Chengyong Liu, Y. H. (2021). Legalization of Central Bank Digital Currency under Blockchain Industry. CONVERTER, 450 - 458.