Research on Construction Schedule Control and Management Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

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Youren Liu, Zub A. T.


Project management is to use scientific theories and methods, and coordinate to achieve the objectives of project establishment. It must be clearly seen that there are many problems in the management of construction enterprises in China, and the management level of construction projects is not uniform. The whole process of building construction is the process of putting in labor, building materials and technical methods to produce building products that meet the requirements. As an enterprise, it must consider its own economic benefits. Different projects can be divided into several stages with different contents and numbers according to specific conditions. The results of the operation of the project management activities are significant or not, and become the key to whether the construction enterprise construction project group can generate enterprise benefits. Based on the particle swarm optimization algorithm, this paper provides some references for such project management by discussing the relationship between construction schedule and economic benefit, construction schedule and quality management. We should conduct in-depth and systematic research on China's project management model and organizational environment, and try to better suit the project management operation mechanism of China's national conditions.

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Zub A. T., Y. L. (2021). Research on Construction Schedule Control and Management Based on Particle Swarm Optimization. CONVERTER, 550 - 560.