Internal Logic and Implementation Ways of Industry-Education Integration

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Hongbing Liao


With the popularization of higher education and the optimization of industrial structure, there is an increasing demand for applied talents during the development of the society. The integration of industry and education, as an effective way to cultivate applied talents through college-enterprise cooperation, organically integrates higher education with industries and promotes the comprehensive combination of both structural elements on the supply side of talents and the demand side of industries, which is a new mode for running colleges and universities. The industry-education integration and the college-enterprise cooperation, however, still have problems currently,  including insufficient consensus on the concepts, unsound system, inadequate motivation, scant resources and poor system supply. This paper holds that to deepen the industry-education integration, both educational organizations and industries should intercommunicate and integrate with each other, which require the enhancement of the consensus on college-enterprise cooperation, the co-construction of systems, resource sharing, cultural symbiosis, talent integration, win-win benefits and the like, in order to achieve the healthy development of the college-enterprise cooperation.

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