Analysis on the Application Prospect of Virtual Reality Technology and Material in Physical Education

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Qingyu Wang, Wei Meng


With the update and growth of science and technology, educational concepts continue to innovate. In the sports field, the use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology is undoubtedly a brand new training experience. The use of VR technology in the physical education (PE) classroom has promoted the growth of PE and also allowed students to master physical skills more comprehensively through high technology. The purpose of this article is to understand VR technology, study the mterial of VR, improve the shortcomings of traditional PE through VR technology, and analyze the application prospects of VR technology in PE. This article mainly adopts the interview method, sample survey method and case analysis method to sample a survey of 120 students in three grades of a middle school to conduct questionnaire surveys and field visits to understand the students’ knowledge of VR technology and the use of VR technology. We also can know the views of the PE for students. Through this series of investigations, the prospects of VR technology being applied to PE are analyzed. Experimental research results show that the most supported PE activity for VR technology at this stage is situational setting, and 35% of students hope that VR technology will be prominent in the context of the picture. The application of VR technology in physical education will undoubtedly bring a different experience to school sports activities. However, due to the lack of funds and professionals, it is difficult to carry out VR technology in teaching activities. So we can start from the context setting and use economical means to pave the way for physical education.

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Wei Meng, Q. W. (2021). Analysis on the Application Prospect of Virtual Reality Technology and Material in Physical Education. CONVERTER, 735 - 741.