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Converter plans to pull in unique exploration papers, short correspondences, audit articles and force hardware related instructive investigations. The extension covers applications and advances in the field of intensity hardware with extraordinary spotlight on financially savvy, proficient, power thick, ecological well disposed and hearty arrangements, which incorporates: Applications: Electric drives/generators, sustainable power source, mechanical and consumable applications (counting lighting, welding, warming, sub-ocean applications, boring and others), clinical and military device, utility applications, transport and space application, vitality gathering, media communications, vitality stockpiling the executives frameworks, home machines. Innovations: Circuits: all sort of converter geographies for low and high force applications including yet not restricted to: inverter, rectifier, dc/dc converter, power supplies, UPS, air conditioning/air conditioning converter, thunderous converter, high recurrence converter, cross breed converter, staggered converter, power factor remedy circuits and other propelled geographies. Segments and Materials: exchanging gadgets and their control, inductors, sensors, transformers, capacitors, resistors, warm administration, channels, wires and insurance components and other novel minimal effort productive parts/materials. Control: procedures for controlling, examining, demonstrating or potentially recreation of intensity hardware circuits and complete force gadgets frameworks. Configuration/Manufacturing/Testing: new multi-space displaying, amassing and bundling advances, propelled testing methods. Natural Impact: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) decrease procedures, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), constraining acoustic commotion and vibration, reusing methods, utilization of non-uncommon material. Training: showing strategies, program and course configuration, utilization of innovation in power gadgets instructing, virtual research facility and e-learning and fields inside the extent of premium.

Vol. 2021 No. 7

Published: 2021-08-20

Spatial Ecological Restoration of the Three-Level Mountain in Taishan Area based on GIS Technology

Chunhua Wang, Fei Wang, Haoxue Ju, Daohu Zhong, Congcong Liu, Jian Li, Feifei Pei


Dynamic Caching Strategy for Multi-bitrate Videos Based on Popularity Prediction

Dongyang Peng, Guyu Hu, Rui Wang, Jiachen Zu, Tianfeng Wang


Small Animal Intrusion Detection Based on RAFT

Xiuguang Li, Ninghui He, Weiyan Sha, Xiu Zhou, Bo Ma, Rui Liu


A Training Strategy to Optimize the Performance of Target Detection Model

Ninghui He, Pei Zhang, Xiu Zhou, Shitao Liu, Jinpeng Hao, Rui Liu


Research on Non-Intrusive Load Decomposition Technology Based on Deep Learning Algorithm

Yulu Cai, Yuhu Nie, Wenpeng Cui, Zhe Zheng, Rui Liu, Yingying Chi


Formal Verification in RISC-V CPU Design Verification Flow

Xueying Yang, Yongzhong Zhou, Lei Li, Weili Li, Liang Liu, Yichu Jiang


Researching of Improved Greed Algorithm used in COVID-19 Burst Detection

Gang Yijin, Wu Guozeng, Li Tao, Hu Mingyang, Wang Zhiwei


Application Research of Simulation Analysis Technology in the Construction of Smart City

Li Tao, Gang Yijin, Wu Guozeng, Hu Mingyang, Wang Zhiwei





Research on the Path of Rural Financial Poverty Alleviation from the Perspective of Public Policy

Kangkang Cheng, S. M. Ferdous Azam, Siti Khalidah Binti Md. Yusoff


State and Community in Working with Families the Role of Organizations

Sodikova Shohida Marhabaevna, Eryigitova Lobar Kadyrovna


Research on Ventilation Simulation of Underground Complex Traffic Tunnel Group Based on FMK

Zhenggang Zhan, Jinhai Zeng, Zhiqiang Hua, Yao Liu, Meng Liu


An Improved Regularized Adaptive Matching Pursuit Algorithm Based on LDPC Matrix

Xiaoqi Yin, Jiansheng Qian, Xingge Guo, Guohua Lin


An Modeling and Simulation Method Research Based on Lidar Imaging

Kejia Yi, Qiang Fu, Ruolin Xing, Yujie Dai, Xinyu Zhu, Guomeng Li


Visualized Classroom Energy Saving Lighting System Based on Passive Detection

Chunguang Huo, Haoyu Wu, Ying Liu, Yihe Peng, Wei Dai


Architecture of Digital Integrated R & D Platform for Military Research Institutes

Kejia Yi, Junwen Cao, Wenjun Pu, Xinyu Zhu, Yandong Song, Jiachen Ji, Guomeng Li


Practice of System-Effected Scientific Capacity in Military Research Institutes

Junwen Cao, Kejia Yi, Mengchao Zhang, Guomeng Li, Zhumei Zhao, Ruichao Yan, Xinyu Zhu


Using Partial Least Square Approach to Study the Factors affecting the Quality of Life in Data Mining

Liping Lin,Weixia Liu,Dachuan Zheng, Genping Yu, Libin Song, Zhongyan Lin


Ionic Conductivity and Dielectric Constant of a Solid Polymer Electrolyte Containing Salts Litf2 and Mgtf2

B. I. Uktamaliyev, A. A. Abdukarimov, О. О. Мamatkarimov, Ergasheva M.


A Study on the Accumulation Patte rn of Cadmium in Coptis chinensis Franch

Weishun C heng, Xi Luo, Suping WangLi JiangGuo JieYimin YuanBaoxi LiJuan Hong ,


Research on Interface Design of Graphic Design System Based on User Experience

Jinming Zheng, Tingjiao Ye, Chanjuan Lin, Kunlong Wu


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