Research on ZigBee-based Agricultural Intelligent Automation Water-saving Technology

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Houze Guo


In recent years, the integration of modern electronic technology will undoubtedly accelerate the process of
agricultural production technology reform and innovation. It has incalculable benefits and advantages. It can not
only manage agricultural production in an all-round intelligent and unmanned manner, but also save a lot of
manpower and material resources. , It can also provide the most beneficial biological conditions and environment
for the growth and reproduction of crops, which can greatly increase the total amount of agricultural production,
and on the other hand, reduce agricultural costs at the same time, so as to improve the technology of agricultural
production as a whole , The total production volume is increased and the overall economic efficiency is improved.
As we all know, water resources are a necessary condition for the survival of human beings, animals and plants.
Drought and insufficient water utilization are important factors that restrict my country's agricultural production
and life. In terms of total water resources, China has a unique advantage. However, the per capita share of water
resources in my country is very low and ranks relatively low in the world. The main reason for this is the pressure
of the huge population base. In the field of agricultural irrigation, my country is still in the stage of artificial
irrigation. People generally use water resources inefficiently, and the phenomenon of wasting water resources is
not uncommon, which has greatly affected the development of my country's agriculture. This article aims at ZigBee
wireless communication technology, combined with GPRS remote control technology, powered by solar clean
energy, and built a set of intelligent automatic crop water-saving irrigation system, which can realize real-time
monitoring of soil temperature and humidity, air temperature and humidity, and farmers You can flexibly set your
own irrigation scheme according to the types of crops and your own needs to provide the most suitable living and
growth environment for crops, which can greatly ensure the healthy growth and production of crops. At the same
time, the system uses sprinkler irrigation. , To increase the utilization rate of water resources to more than 90%,
which also guides the development trend of agricultural irrigation in China in the future. Water saving in
agricultural irrigation provides a feasible solution.

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