Innovative Design of Furniture Modeling Based on Machine Vision

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Tongqiang Miao


With the constant change of social consumption concept, factors such as product innovation, artistic appearance,
amenity and environmental protection have been paid more and more attention, and they occupy a prominent
position in market competition. People's artistic ideas, life attitudes and aesthetic concepts are constantly
improving, and modern art is no longer just a symbolic meaning but an expression of ideas. In addition to
satisfying the material functions used by users, the spiritual functions of design objects become more and more
prominent, which determines that one of the main trends of product design development is humanization of design.
Based on machine vision, this paper analyzes the elements of furniture modeling design, points, lines, surfaces and
other elements of furniture. Then, it introduces the color and texture and surface decoration of furniture which
have great influence on the visual effect of furniture appearance. Finally, it summarizes and analyzes the practical
furniture modeling design methods, and further promotes the development and innovation of furniture design.

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