Research on Tourism Data Prediction Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

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Faxian Jia


With the coming of big data era, the development of big data is highly valued by the country, and the tourism big
data industry is booming. Smart tourism is based on the Internet and cloud computing technology, combining a
variety of big data technologies, innovating the development situation of the tourism industry, providing
convenience for tourists to travel, and making the modern tourism industry move forward in the direction of
science and technology and intelligence. In the process of tourism economic development, it is necessary to use
appropriate forecasting methods to obtain the law of tourism economic development and provide scientific basis
for tourism economic decision-making. Based on this, this paper makes a prediction based on the improved genetic
algorithm, and explores a more accurate and more suitable prediction method for tourism data to predict the
reality. The processed information can make tourism plans for tourists, provide high-quality tourism services for
users, and promote the continuous improvement of market competitiveness of tourism enterprises.

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