The Preference Study on Public Service of the Bazaar in Xinjiang

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Fan Tao, Wang Huan, Wang Jian


This paper proposes the practical problems of improving the weak public service’s foundation about urban and
rural construction in Xinjiang, which takes bazaar as an important carrier to expand the public service function of
the site. The narrative preference method is used to study the preference of Xinjiang residents to bazaar's public
service function. Furthermore, the conclusion can provide suggestions for bazaar's plan, design and operation. The
main conclusions are as follows: the most popular public services of bazaar in Xinjiang are culture and art,
entertainment and leisure, square green area, education and training, convenient services, and medical and
healthy care. The longest time they are willing to spend on the way to bazaars are 44, 41, 31, 25, 28 and 11mins;
The maximum size that can be accepted are: large, medium, medium, medium, small, small. The differences of
gender, age, ethnic group, occupation, education and residence also bring significant differentiation.

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