Construction of College English Online Teaching Resources Based on Cluster Analysis Algorithm

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Liu Ying


The increasing popularity of the Internet enriches the learning channels for college students, promotes the sharing
of college English teaching resources, and stimulates students' interest in learning while improving the quality of
English teaching. The establishment of digital college English teaching resource library can realize the coconstruction
and sharing of resources among teachers, students, schools and enterprises. English network
resource library can provide rich and high-quality teaching materials for English teachers to prepare lessons, and
also provide conditions for students to use the resource library to obtain information and learn independently. The
network has the characteristics of openness and virtuality, which increases the dilemma of teaching resources
sharing to a certain extent. Therefore, how to use the advantages of the network to enhance the sharing of English
teaching resources is an important and urgent issue facing college English teaching. Based on cluster analysis
algorithm, this paper analyzes the existing problems in the construction of English online teaching resources
database, and puts forward the principles that should be paid attention to in the construction of resources, in order
to realize the construction of efficient online teaching resources for college English and play its due role in modern
English teaching.

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