Construction of Student Education Management System Model Based on Big Data Mining Technology

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Liao Guo, Hongdong Yao, Yizheng Wang


Student education management in higher vocational colleges is a process in which students' education managers
formulate management systems according to the laws of education and teaching management, and plan, control,
lead and organize student activities, which can ensure the smooth development of students' learning and belongs to
one of the core management contents in the management of colleges and universities. In the new era, there are
higher requirements for the students in higher vocational colleges in terms of quality level. When higher vocational
colleges implement student education management, there are still many problems due to many factors, resulting in
the failure to achieve the expected management goals. Data mining technology can effectively help higher
vocational colleges to dig out the important contents hidden behind students' information data, provide help for
practical work, provide the basis for making correct decisions and better manage students. This paper puts
forward the use of data mining technology in the decision-making of student management in higher vocational
colleges, and analyzes the effective ways to improve and innovate the educational management system of students
in higher vocational colleges, aiming at comprehensively strengthening the quality of educational management
and promoting the development of vocational education.

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