Research on Ship Path Planning Algorithm Based on Coastline Model

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Yu Wei


With the continuous development of advanced technologies such as control theory, computer network and
positioning technology, the long-distance shipping industry has developed rapidly. Due to the complex and
changeable marine environment, the following problems such as low navigation efficiency and increasing
frequency of marine accidents have emerged increasingly. Route planning is the embodiment of ship intelligence
level, and its main purpose is to determine the best route based on optimization objectives, so as to ensure the
safety and economy of ships in navigation. With the development of ship intelligence, people have higher and
higher requirements for ship path planning and dynamic obstacle avoidance. Due to the complexity of marine
environment, there may be various dangers when ships sail at sea, so route planning is an important link in the
process of ship sailing. This paper designs a global static route planning method based on coastline model. The
method can achieve the goals of fast obstacle avoidance and shortest route distance, shorten navigation time, save
energy and reduce emissions, and enhance the practicability and safety of the route.

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